Bloom Day–March 15, 2013

Happy Bloom Day! I’m still in DC, but wanted to share a single photo taken last week before I left the Upstate. The weather here in Washington has been cold, wet, and windy, however the news from home is that the tide has finally turned and days have been sunny and warm. Or perhaps Tim is just teasing me, I never know for sure.

Experts predict the Yoshino cherry trees around the DC Tidal Basin will peak between March 23 and 26, so I may miss their show. I hope to get over sometime tomorrow, before I leave town, to check their progress. This spring marks the 101st anniversary of Japan’s gift. A few of the dozen original trees still survive—a remarkable feat since the life span of this species is roughly 50 years in the US.

The photo below of my beauty at home features another Asian plant, Pieris japonica ‘Temple Bells’. Commonly called Lily-of-the-Valley shrubs, Pieris are valued for their attractive foliage and clusters of bell-shaped flowers.

Pieris japonica 'Temple Bells'

Pieris japonica ‘Temple Bells’

To see what’s blooming in other gardens around the world, visit May Dreams Gardens where Bloom Day began.

7 thoughts on “Bloom Day–March 15, 2013

  1. Will

    With Pieris like that waiting for you at home, you shouldn’t lament too strongly missing the cherry blossom show! Beautiful!

  2. Lea

    I don’t think I have seen Lily of the Valley shrub before – it is so beautiful!
    I love your Header photo, too!
    Happy GBBD!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  3. pbmgarden

    Hope you get to enjoy some cherry blossoms. The Pieris japonica is lovely! I’ve been seeing a shrub like this but couldn’t identify it. Thanks. Susie


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