(Almost) Wordless Wednesday — Love Blooms

DSC_8562aThis sweet photo was made on a recent day when my mother, who has dementia, met her youngest great-grandchild. Life is not as easy as it should be for my mom now, but whatever the future brings, I’ll always cherish her jubilation in holding this little one. On that day, love bloomed for us all.

14 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday — Love Blooms

  1. phyllis thomason

    What a wonderful memory that will be. They are gorgeous!!!!!! I got signed up yesterday for Raleigh.


  2. ginnytalbert

    What dear little ones and what a sweet photo this is. A treasure for sure. It is hard when an aging parent has dementia. Been there, done that, and I feel for you! Lost Mom last fall…

    1. Jean C. Bowser

      Those are beautiful children your family is lucky to have. I wish many more blessings for your Mom.

  3. Barbara Wilder

    There’s clinical evidence that “baby doll therapy” can comfort patients with dementia. So what could be better than these 2 adorable “dolls.”. Enjoy huggin and holdin them!

  4. Deen Meloro

    I have been unable to find the words to comment, but I will try. I am so glad that you have been able to add one more happy memory to a lifetime of others. Your mother had a wonderful day, and so did you. That’s all we can ever ask for. xoxo


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