Signs of Fall

This cornucopia at Roots makes me smile every time I see it, which is often, especially now when the seasonal weather has me excited about gardening again.

Amazing cornucopia at Roots on Augusta Street.

Amazing cornucopia at Roots on Augusta Street.

Since all of my grandparents were farmers, many of my earliest memories are of the harvest season. From tobacco to peanuts and now soybeans, gathering the harvest has always meant the end of a long and sometimes difficult growing season and, hopefully, enough money to get your family through to the next year.

Simply put, I’ve never outgrown the excitement of fall, and I hope I never do.

Though we’ve made it our own, celebrating the bounty of autumn with a cornucopia is an ancient concept. Documented as early as the 5th Century BC, the word cornucopia is derived from two Latin words: cornu, the word for horn (as in unicorn); and copia, meaning plenty. In fact, the earliest cornucopias were goat horns’ overflowing with fruits and nuts.

Happy fall y’all!

8 thoughts on “Signs of Fall

  1. pbmgarden

    Pumpkins and gourds are showing up everywhere here but not in such an interesting way as this cornucopia presents. I spy some attractive pots in the back of Roots–looks like a great place to wander and shop. “Y’all” spills easily from my mouth too but I’ll say, “Happy Autumn Marian!”

  2. Babs Condon

    love this Marian! Thanks for sharing! I have always looked forward to the cooler days of autumn and picking that perfect pumpkin and the most interesting gourds for decorating with.

  3. Hurley, Sarah D.

    Me too. Love Fall!

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