Happy Holidays Mr. President

After a wonderful trip to New York with my husband, Tim, I returned home to find the first handful of holiday cards, including the official greeting from The White House. When I pulled the card from the envelope, I was a tad disappointed to see its formal style, especially since last year’s card featured First Dog, Bo, marching through snow on the South Lawn.

White House holiday card for 2013.

White House holiday card for 2013.

The surprise was on me, however, when I raised the front of the card to find the magic inside…


6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Mr. President

    1. Marian St.Clair

      Martha–I was put on the mailing list after I attended a press conference at the White House with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. I thought it would be a one-year thing, but this is the 3rd one!

  1. CHillspeak

    Thank the taxpayers for that card, which is, indeed, very cool. Let’s not imagine this president or any other would spend his own money on such an extravagance.


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