Hail and Farewell to 2014

On the first day of January it seems fitting to take a quick look back at the previous 12 months for a fond farewell to 2014.  Though the weather was not as wet as 2013, the Upstate had several record-setting rainfalls and our yearly total of 65 inches is once again well above average.  Our summer was not as hot as usual, with fewer days reaching into the 90s.  And except for one particularly cold spell in November, with the temperature dropping to 16 degrees F on the night of the 14th, winter has been mostly mild.

January--Prunus mume 'Hokkai Bungo'

January–Prunus mume ‘Hokkai Bungo’

February--Snow on the dogwood (Cornus florida).

February–Snow on the dogwood (Cornus florida).

March--Deciduous magnolia in glorious bloom.

March–Deciduous magnolia in glorious bloom.

April--Variegated Solomon's seal (Polygonatum odoratum).

April–Variegated Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum odoratum).

May--Greenville celebrates Artisphere.

May–Greenville celebrates Artisphere.

June--The Japanese garden at Villa Melzi on Lake Como

June–The Japanese garden at Villa Melzi on Lake Como

July--Stonecrop Gardens, in Cold Spring, NY, home to Frank Cabot (1925-2011), founder of the Garden Conservancy.

July–Stonecrop Gardens, in Cold Spring, NY, home to Frank Cabot (1925-2011), founder of the Garden Conservancy.

August--Autumn wildflower (Helianthus strumosus).

August–Autumn wildflower (Helianthus strumosus).

September--Water parterre at Villa Gamberaia, near Florence.

September–Water parterre at Villa Gamberaia, near Florence.

October--The North Carolina Arboretum's quilt garden.

October–The North Carolina Arboretum’s quilt garden.

November--Field of cotton on a foggy morning.

November–Field of cotton on a foggy morning.

December--Christmas at the Kilgore-Lewis House.

December–Christmas at the Kilgore-Lewis House.

As you look for purpose and happiness in the days ahead, remember this sage advice from Eleanor Roosevelt — “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

And my very best wishes to you and yours in 2015!



39 thoughts on “Hail and Farewell to 2014

  1. Carolyn Moseley

    Marian, you are a special gift to all of us. The best to you and Tim in the New Year! My 2014 calendar (a gift from you) will always be just under my current calendar as a reminder of my wonder trip to France with you in 2013. Hugs, Carolyn

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Cathy–Can you believe I still haven’t tried out the new camera? I think I am a little afraid of it! Thanks for your enthusiasm. I’m afraid I’m becoming more interested in photography than in writing, which could be a problem since no one is paying me for pictures:^)

  2. Martha Robinson

    What an exciting and lovely year in plants! You certainly remind us to pay attention. Looking forward to seeing 2015 be just as wornderful!

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Jessica–I have loved every minute I’ve spent in England on past trips. I’m so looking forward to June. It will be my first stay in Yorkshire and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a special place.

  3. Sharon Lanier

    Just looking at all those great photos brings a huge smile to my face!! Beautiful recap of the year via a gardener’s perspective. Love, love it! Can’t wait to see what treasures & adventures come our way in 2015!!

  4. Marian St.Clair Post author

    Linda–I have spent much of the last week entering Italy receipts into a spread sheet so I have relived every moment of the two trips and can honestly say I would do them again if given the chance! Best wishes to you in 2015 and hope to see you soon.

  5. Alain

    A very attractive set of pictures. I was particularly interested in the view of Cold Spring as I have never seen it but have been of two guided tours of Quatre-Vents with Frank Cabot. Quatre-vents being one of the most attractive gardens in Canada, Cold Spring must be wonderful.
    All the best for 2015.


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