Something to Sprout About

Typically, I make a long list of resolutions, but on New Year’s Eve 2015 I made just one.  I simply resolved to attempt a new gardening activity each month.  So far, I’d say it was an inspired idea…it hasn’t been a matter of one thing, but how many new things I can try. 

Spring Salad Sprouting Seeds

Spring Salad Sprouting Seeds

So, when I visited Sow True Seed (specializing in organic and heirloom seeds) in Asheville, NC, on the recommendation of a new friend, I grabbed the only thing I could grow in my shady garden, a fat packet of Spring Salad Sprouting Seeds.  After all, how could I resist a label that touted, “Taste of spring all year round! — mix of broccoli, radish, red clover & alfalfa.”  

As promised, sprouts were just days away.  I soaked a tablespoon of seeds for several hours in a wide-mouthed quart jar (covering the opening with a scrap of cheese cloth) and then drained the water.  Seeds were rinsed twice each day while the jar resided in bright, indirect light on my kitchen counter.  Though sprouts could be spied within days, a week seemed to be the optimum time for development, after which the jar could be moved to the frig.  

The taste of spring!

The taste of spring!

Sprouts are easy to use in sandwiches, soups, and salads, but I like them best right out of the jar.  They’re tangy and crunchy, and as advertised — taste just like spring! 

And while I’m dishing out tips, you might like this too…

An inside peek at the photographer's professional studio.

An inside peek at the photographer’s professional studio.

13 thoughts on “Something to Sprout About

  1. Anita Humphries

    Oh what fun! I am headed to Asheville next weekend. I am going to stop by there and pick up some seeds!

  2. Cathy

    I haven’t done any sprouting for a while, but you’re right – they do taste of spring. Love the look behind the professional photographer’s scenes!

  3. pbmgarden

    Great idea Marian, these look delicious. You might also enjoy growing microgreens. A friend gave me some several times and she says they’re easy.


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