Porch Update, July 23

Construction of the porch is continuing at a good pace although progress has slowed because of the nature of the work. Large parts of the job, including windows and wiring, are now in place and contractors are beginning to get to grips with details.

Most of the exterior trim is complete and you can see from the photo below the alignment of wood and masonry columns.  The roof, which is only a little more than 2-feet tall, is not visible from the garden, but lifts the ceiling height inside the room to 10 feet, adding to its spaciousness.


From the opposite direction, you get a better sense of the space under the porch.  Soon, the brick mason will return to lay footings and walls between the columns, raising the patio level to within inches of the basement door.  Before the job is complete, the area will be regraded so it is an easy step from garden to the paved surface.


I’m particularly pleased with the patio ceiling, completed just yesterday.  The trim around each of the columns and the extra stringers creating the effect of a coffered ceiling are handsome details.


Inside, the ceiling’s drywall is up and nearing completion.  I can’t wait to show you the ceiling color I’ve chosen, but will save that surprise for later.  Next week, work will begin on the interior columns, as well as the window and wall trim that will complete the space.  The floor will be red oak, finished to match existing hardwoods throughout the house.


The room is dark because of a protective film which coats both the inside and outside of the windows.  I like to imagine the day, sometime soon, when I’ll be dazzled by the light!

Many thanks to my friend and neighbor, Mike Carter, plus the Renaissance crew, for their excellent work and making the process so easy.


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