Something to Crow About!

Hallelujah!  There’s finally a new bloom in the garden.

Seemannia x hybrida

Seemannia x hybrida

This hardy gloxinia was added a couple of months ago.  Purchased at the Raleigh Farmers Market from my favorite plant vendor, Urban Oasis, it settled in quickly and began to grow in just a few weeks.

I was surprised, however, to discover it in bloom, as my shady garden doesn’t lend itself to drama after the excitement of spring has passed.  This spot gets about 30 minutes of light in the early afternoon (around 2ish) and, luckily, the plant has received a good bit of moisture from afternoon thunderstorms, as the sloping site is especially well drained.

I know nothing about this particular hybrid, it’s not in my most reliable reference book, and I can’t find a thing about it on the internet.  Who cares?!  It’s a pretty little bloom in an eye-catching red, with an orange-yellow throat dotted with dark spots.  The foliage is rather nice too, don’t you think?

25 thoughts on “Something to Crow About!

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Julie–I primarily use the new Southern Living Garden Book published in the last year or so. I don’t like the layout as well as the older one, but it is more up to date.

  1. Beth @ PlantPostings

    That is a lovely bloom! It seems like the kind of flower the hummingbirds would like. My garden is shady, too, so it has some of the same color challenges. It’s always a joy to find plants that bloom colorfully in the shade.

  2. Alice

    I have found most Seemannias to be tender but ‘Evita” is hardy to zone 7 she is pretty close to yours. What a lovely surprise.

  3. Lyn

    I love mine, Marian. It blooms in my garden just as everything else is quitting. I’m glad to know it weathers your colder winter! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Christina

    The foliage is lovely, it is interesting that it flowers well in shade but it does have the look of something from a tropical forest which would be shady wouldn’t it?


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