Save the Gate!

My husband, Tim, is a man of profound intellect and sound opinions, but that doesn’t mean we always agree.

When I asked him just minutes ago to help me move a treasure purchased yesterday at the Charlotte Metrolina Antique & Vintage Market, from the car to the new porch, where I intend to hang it on the brick wall, he said it is “a piece of trash and waste of money.”  Period.  And even now, as I race to appeal for help, I know he is plotting its disappearance while I’m away next week for a meeting in Washington, DC.


Au contraire, mon amour!  This gate is a work of art and an authentic prize.  Snapped from a load of run-of-the-mill iron work salvaged from southern Alabama, it is likely to be from the mecca of gardening, New Orleans, or at the very least, a home and garden of rare merit and beauty.

Look at the turned spindles, the carefully formed circles and curlicues, and the sweet flower-formed medallions.  Consider its meticulous soldering and joinery, and age-old patina.  It’s a gate as mysterious as Mona Lisa, as delicious as forbidden fruit.

Garden lovers, unite!  If you have anything good to say about this gem, do so now.

Save the gate!

61 thoughts on “Save the Gate!

  1. Debbie Davis

    Dear Marian,

    Just saw this post and OMG. I love it-but I understand when your husband was less excited than you-mine used to own a scrap metal “recycling” business and he thought everything was “junk” too. NOT!! I’m certain it looks perfectly beautiful on that, or any other wall for that matter. Press on!! Debby Davis/Greer


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