In a Vase Last Wednesday

It’s been eons since I participated in a flower show, but last Wednesday I worked with my friends Lezlie and Emelia on an arrangement for an event hosted by our garden club, Carolina Foothills, in anticipation of a Zone Meeting of the Garden Club of America to be held in Greenville in the spring of 2017.  The show, House of Cards, featured six classes of design and all active members were urged to participate.

Our group chose CLASS 1, Queen of Hearts, described as, “A design celebrating a femme fatale from fact or fiction.  To be displayed on a beige pedestal 36” high with a 12” square top.  Viewed from three sides.”

Entry for Class I, Queen of Hearts.

Entry for Class I, Queen of Hearts.

We envisioned a handful of possibilities before choosing Princess Diana, who spoke about her marriage and her aspirations for the future with a now-famous quote in the 1995 interview on Panorama.  Our statement of intent said, “A candle in the wind personifies Princess Diana, graced with brilliance and beset by shadows, who wanted only ‘to be a queen in people’s hearts.'”

Our first decision was to feature a Hogarth curve (an S-shape also called “the line of beauty”), a classic design often supported by a tall candlestick or narrow vase which looks particularly good on a pedestal.  As our ideas jelled, we also know we need an element of dark flowers or foliage to illustrate the shadows, and that we would utilize color blocking to give the design a dramatic, modern twist.

Plant materials included poet’s laurel (Danae racemosa), salal (Gaultheria shellon), white tea roses (Rosa x hybrida), white spray orchid (Dendrobium), black calla lily (Zantedeschia), and creamy white hypericum berries (Hypericum).

Though some of the berries have started to darken in this photo taken a few days after the show, they represented the 10,000 pearls on Diana's wedding dress.

Though some of the berries have started to darken in this photo taken a few days after the show, they represented the 10,000 pearls on Diana’s wedding dress.

There were many creative and beautiful designs in the show and experience has taught me that judging can be very subjective.  I knew, however, when I saw a big ribbon on our pedestal that we had achieved even more than hoped, winning not only first in our class, but also Best in Show!

The judges noted, “Elegant execution of a Hogarth curve befitting a princess,” on our entry card.  The Best in Show award was distinguished with a second remark, “An elegant design with great distinction.”

17 thoughts on “In a Vase Last Wednesday

  1. Sharon Lanier

    Bella, Bella, magnifico! !!! I’d bet on a team of you, Lezlie & Emelia anytime!! I am not surprised. It is quite beautiful and a wonderful honor for you all! I loved the white roses with the black callas together.

  2. Debbie Davis

    Dear Marian,
    Your arrangement is truly as beautiful as the princess herself. Congratulations to you and your two friends. Debby Davis/Primrose Garden Club-Greer


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