Celebrating in Charleston

This time last week I was in Charleston to cheer my baby boy, Daniel, on his  birthday.  Sunday brunch at the Grocery, our favorite meal of the week, was followed by a meander through the historic district, south of Broad.

Though temperatures in the Upstate have reached the low 20s (F), the Holy City has yet to experience a frost, so container gardens are still thriving.  Here’s a quick look at a few of our favorites.


Pretty color and fresh foliage create a warm welcome on Meeting Street.


Love the drama of light against dark.


The total package–grilled windows, overflowing baskets, old brick, and a handsome crepe myrtle to boot.

And that adorable baby boy?  He’s pretty cute, too.  And believe it or not, he just turned 30.


Daniel, captured by camera phone, striking a pose with a handful of holiday gifts.

32 thoughts on “Celebrating in Charleston

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Koko–It was really great to have a little time together and to see a bit of the city too. Charleston is a fun place to visit in winter when it’s not so hot and humid and the number of tourists is not as overwhelming.

      1. atkokosplace

        Hot and humid together is no fun! It wasn’t so bad last year here in Tennessee. I’m hoping for the same this year. I like to visit places during non tourist season. Have a lovely week ahead. Koko

  1. Christina

    A very handsome son. Plus lovely memories of the time I spent in Charleston last summer; I imagine the temperature and humidity were rather better when you you there.

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Christina–The weather was perfect. I went to the annual oyster roast at the Yacht Club with friends Saturday evening and it was a beautiful night–breezy with temperatures in the 50s. I’m still so sorry I missed you last year! I’m glad you got to visit Charleston, though, it’s well worth seeing even when the weather is hot and humid.

  2. Carolyn Jones

    Looks like you had a grand finale to your weekend. Daniel and Cry’s house looked great and so clean and neat!! Thanks for sharing your photos and for sharing yourself with us. Carolyn >

  3. Judy Vick

    We were in Charleston New Year’s week in the warmth- walked the beach on Isle of Palms in shorts and T-shirts ! BUT many azaleas were in bloom ! Oh no, what will that do for the Spring flower season ????????


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