Almost Wordless Wednesday–February 3, 2016


So thrilled to share lunch yesterday with Fergus Garrett, steward of Great Dixter House & Gardens, and speaker at the very successful 2016 Davidson Horticultural Symposium, Big Ideas for Small Gardens.


The credit for my lucky lunch spot goes to these thoughtful friends, all members of the Gaston County, North Carolina, Master Gardeners, (standing, left to right) Sharon, Kathy, Sarah, and Teri, here with Fergus and members of the Davidson Garden Club. The Gaston County MGs and Davidson GC members are some of the most committed volunteers I know. Kudos to those who provide quality gardening education programs, here and around the world!


12 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday–February 3, 2016

    1. Sharon Lanier

      Kathy, your smiling face should have been there with us! What a special honor and surprise it was!!!

      1. Sharon Lanier

        Ditto what Dorris said!! I will definitely love to read more about your thoughts on our rare & special opportunity to dine with him!!!

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Libby–Oh, I hope our paths cross again soon, but my busy time of year is just ahead. Enjoy your visit to Charleston! If you have time, my favorite restraurant is Rue de Jean (on John Street, of course).

  1. Sharon Lanier

    It was an amazing 2 days! Still thinking I dreamed it, but I guess photos don’t lie. Dare I say it…. “we had lunch with Fergus Garrett”.
    O M G. 😊

  2. Christina

    I’m envious you actually got to meet Fergus; he’s doing a wonderful job at Great Dixter. I look forward to the ‘more’ you mentioned above.


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