32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–Dan & Cori

  1. Pat Giubbins

    This is my idea of the perfect wedding ceremony — and these two beautiful young people look like the perfect pair. No wonder they are jumping for joy! Congratulations!!

  2. Susan Wilkins

    So sweet. Precious couple!!! Thank you for sharing the joy. Susan Wilkins

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  3. Alice

    Awwww, how beautiful. What a lovely setting, all the best to them for a life as lovely as their ceremony.

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Jill–Cori and Dan decided to move the ceremony from early evening to sunrise because of the heat wave and it turned out to be perfect timing. The morning was fabulous, but we had pouring rain during the wedding dinner. So lucky!

  4. Deen

    Congratulations to Dan and Cori, you and Tim. How wonderful it is to see your children so happy, with such a bright future ahead. Wishing them a long life of happiness!

  5. Sandra Smith

    Marion, I just saw the wedding photos, how glorious this must have been for your family. Beautiful bride, handsome groom – perfect. I’m sure you are still basking in the occasion.


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