28 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday–Look what I found…

  1. Tonya Morin

    Every junk yard should see this email………….how much nicer they would look if only they filled some cars or trucks w/flowers! Ha!

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Tammy–You should have seen me hit the breaks! I couldn’t stop the car fast enough. They were just parked along the side of the road in front of the barnyard of a wholesale nursery, but with no signs within sight.

  2. Katie Robey

    Marian, I have a sister who lives near Seattle and a nephew in Portland. My sister got her degree long ago in horticulture and plays with gardening so I sent this to her to see if she is familiar with the island/nursery. Beautiful pictures and great use of old rusty trucks and farm implements.

    Katie Robey Marlborough, MA


  3. Marian St.Clair Post author

    Katie–The display was about half way between the bridge onto the island and Cistus. Can’t believe the nursery that does the display hasn’t painted a logo on one of the trucks. I guess everyone on the island knows, but there wasn’t a person or sign to be seen anywhere.

  4. Judy Mooney

    Marian, thank you for the good memories. I lived in Portland before moving to Greenville and visited Sauvie Island many times. Plants there are sure doing better than mine here in all this heat and humidity.

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Judy–Yes, the island was lovely and lush and, then too, the display was irrigated. Portland is a very interesting place. Excellent public transportation and fabulous food. Love Powell Books too, though it caused a problem with packing…lol.

  5. Chloris

    It just shows you can make a container out of anything. I once saw a long- abandoned truck in the rain forest in Martinique. It had ferns and Busy Lizzies growing all over it. It looked amazing and nobody had planted it.


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