Dordogne Flip Flop

I’ve just arrived home from a trip to the Dordogne that exceeded all expectations.  Unfortunately, there’s lots of catching up to do before I can indulge myself in blogging, but here’s a quick look at the countryside around Beynac.

On a morning drive towards La Roque-Gageac, I caught this great view of Chateau de Beynac high above the Dordogne River Valley.


Chateau de Beynac from the Dordogne River Valley.

Then, days later when visiting Beynac, I captured a photo flip flop, by photographing the Dordogne River valley from the high ridge near the Chateau.


The Dordogne River Valley from Chateau de Beynac. To the right is Chateau de Castelnaud.

What an amazing place.  Even though the region suffered from a hot and dry summer this year, I think it’s the most beautiful part of France I’ve visited.

21 thoughts on “Dordogne Flip Flop

  1. Chloris

    Fabulous photos. I love the Dordogne too, but then there are so many beautiful parts to France. What about the Luberon, the French Alps, the valley of the Lot, the Pyrenees….? We are francophiles and are amazed by the beauty and diversity all over France.

    1. Sharon Lanier

      Marian, what great photos! Just beautiful! I like your thought about what if we always think…our last trip was the best!! But any time spent with you on a trip is always the best. Can hardly wait to hear more about your trip.


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