Chanticleer: “A Gardener’s Garden”

I’ve followed the blog of Janna Schreier, a talented garden designer and perceptive observer, for many months now. Her gardening instincts and insights always provide a new idea to ponder. I hope you’ll enjoy this post about her recent visit to Chanticleer as much as I did.

Janna Schreier Garden Design

As we were warmly greeted, on a slightly wet and chilly October day (and I was offered free entry as a garden designer – woohoo!), the lady at Chanticleer’s reception kindly proceeded to describe to us the key features of the garden.

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12 thoughts on “Chanticleer: “A Gardener’s Garden”

  1. Alice

    Chanticleer is indeed a garden that embraces individual ideas and that is what makes it so special to me. The part I most enjoy is that the various vignettes display what could be easily done on a smaller scale in our own gardens. We can all take a bit of Chanticleer’s designs and incorporate them at home. I can’t think of a more all encompassing garden where foreign visitors would see such broad examples of American gardening all in one beautiful place.

  2. jannaschreier

    Thank you for sharing this, Marian. I’ve really enjoyed ‘meeting’ some of your lovely readers. My brain is a little fuzzy though now; what a day it has been for the US!

  3. Jim Weeks

    Thank you so much for passing this on. I’m posting it on the Spartanburg MG message board. My wife and I always wanted to visit; it’s near where I went to school( Villanova) but we never seemed to be there during the growing season. In 2013 we were in Philly in October for an uncle’s 90th birthday and thought we’d take a chance even late in the year . It was amazing and well worth anyone’s visit even in October.

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Jim–Please also tell the Spartanburg group that Bill Thomas is speaking at the Greenville Symposium scheduled for February 11, 2017. It will be a terrific opportunity to learn more about Chanticleer and the artistic principles employed that make it America’s number one pleasure garden.


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