Good Fortune

You might look at this photograph and say, “Ho-hum, just another daffodil,” but you would be wrong.


Narcissus ‘Fortune’

Purchased at half price in late autumn to layer in containers with tulips and other bulbs (yet to come), these ‘Fortune’ daffs have delivered more than I bargained for. A stately 20-inches tall, their large flowers are sweetly fragrant and long-lasting, persisting 3 weeks and still looking fresh. Plus, they’re awfully pretty with their ruffled orange cups, don’t you agree? The package label, which I saved, notes the bulbs will multiply easily and grow in part shade.  Hmm, I think I’ll put them to the test.


24 thoughts on “Good Fortune

  1. germac4

    They are gorgeous, some daffodils definitely ”stand up straight and tall” a bit more than others. I hope they multiply for you…I’ll see if I can find Fortune daffodils here in Australia.

  2. pbmgarden

    These are gorgeous and a bargain–what’s not to like. Hope they do well in the future as well. My daffodils are gone suddenly but were lovely this spring.


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