Almost Wordless Wednesday–Aphrodite


Calycanthus chinensis ‘Aphrodite’

I received this ‘Aphrodite’ sweetshrub as a tiny plant from Proven Winners a few years ago at a Garden Writers (GWA) meeting and this is its first flower! The bloom, very similar to ‘Hartlage Wine’, has a lightly sweet fragrance similar to honeydew melon. Don’t you just love it? I do!

17 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday–Aphrodite

    1. Cheryl Wolfe

      I have a hybrid sweet shrub. It was beautiful this year. About four feet tall and had many large size blooms on it. I just love it. It has been planted for about 2-3 years

    1. Marian St.Clair Post author

      Chloris, yes it is! The flower and foliage look exactly the same to me, but its flowers do seem to have a light scent and the mature size of the shrub is touted to be smaller at 6-feet tall and wide (but it’s already 4-foot tall and looks very vigorous to me!). Who knows…with a name like ‘Aphrodite’ it might be just a marketing ploy!

  1. Gloria Ballard

    Marian, I have that same shrub, and it’s blooming for the first time, too. It’s beautiful!

  2. pbmgarden

    It’s beautiful. Several of the gardens on our Chapel Hill Garden Tour this year had sweet shrubs and everyone flocked to them. Hope it continues to do well and stays in its promised size range for you.


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