Oh, the places we’ll go!


Hydrangea radiata

There is a suitcase waiting to be packed and I’m excited beyond reason about the trip ahead, but I’m calling a two-minute time out to tell you I had all good intentions of writing a blog post yesterday when I zipped around the garden photographing its May blooms. And though time has slipped away, I had to share this one image–a photo of a native Hydrangea radiata, which is flourishing in the woodland garden among ferns and fading trilliums. It’s such a pretty image of a flower and its shadow, don’t you think?

Now back to that suitcase and happy thoughts of the friends I’m joining at the airport for a garden tour of East Anglia.

Oh, the places we’ll go!


14 thoughts on “Oh, the places we’ll go!

  1. Suellen Brazil

    Beautiful blossom and its neat reflection below! Thanks for sharing your garden and various other spectacular finds on your journeys! Enjoy your trip.


  2. Sharon Lanier

    Hey M!!! Just saw this native beauty h
    on my New River walk on Friday near Jefferson NC. Awesome photo!!
    You will have another fabulous trip for sure! Enjoy & lift a glass for me 😊

  3. Pam Allgood

    Was so excited to hear about an extra spot until I realized I already had a conference to go to! I will go on another tour with you-they are superb!


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