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In Living Color

I very much enjoyed hearing your advice about selection of best image for the upcoming Flower Show Photography Contest. Thank you! The deadline for entries is today, so the photograph is at J&D Photos now being printed and mounted on black foam board.

Since there were wonderful comments about each photo, I thought you might enjoy seeing them in color too.  Look how different they are!


Beach Walk: Sunrise on Pawley’s Island


Can you hear the waves and feel the wind on your cheek?


Winter Reflections: Ashmore Heritage Preserve


So quiet and barely a breeze here. The dark red you see in front of the split-rail fence is a bog filled with hundreds of mountain sweet pitcher plants (Sarracenia rubra ssp. jonesii).


Solitude: Glacier Bay, Alaska


Alone in one of the most beautiful and remote places on earth, with 3,000 other guests and a crew of 1,200. You could have heard a pin drop.


Fresh Catch: Bald Eagle in Clover Passage, Katchikan, Alaska


There are simply no words to describe an experience like this!

Do the images look the way you thought they would?

Does the addition of color change your favorite?

After more thought, I eliminated two photos. Beach Walk was taken with my older camera and the resolution was not quite up to par. Solitude, one of my favorite photos of all times, was too risky. One of the contest guidelines noted works should “reflect the interests of the Garden Club of America,” and I was afraid the judges would discredit the photo because of the cruise ship.

The selection came down to the final two, but both had slight problems. The first, Winter Reflections, is dramatic but not unusual.  In fact, it looks like an image you would see in a calendar or made into a puzzle. Plus, there is a class for trees, which might influence its appraisal. Fresh Catch is dramatic, but the tips of the eagle’s wing feathers are not in the frame and the focus on the subject is good, but not fabulous.

In the end, I decided to take my chances with Fresh Catch.  Why?  It is as powerful as a monochrome image as it is in color.  Plus, your comments proved it is a subject to be reckoned with. I know the photo will be admired, even if it is not the winner.

Fingers crossed!

Weekly Photo Challenge–Blur

When I read this week’s photo challenge–find beauty in a blur–I had to laugh because I’ve taken more than a few that qualify, just not with intent.

The pic below, however, made for tomorrow’s newspaper column on upcoming garden tours, focuses on the fountain and puts the house in a blur.  Why?  The curbside feature is not only eye-catching, it’s also the element in the landscape that announces, loud and clear, there’s something special going on.

Tully home on Cleveland Street, featured on the upcoming garden tour of the Greenville Council of Garden Clubs.

Tully home on Cleveland Street, featured on the upcoming garden tour of the Greenville Council of Garden Clubs.

To see where others found beauty, visit the weekly photo challenge at the Daily Post.

For Upstate gardeners, here’s the scoop on upcoming tours:

April 17 & 18:  The Greenville Council of Garden Clubs will sponsor “Harmony in Our Gardens,” featuring six gardens in the Augusta Road area, from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday.  The Council’s home and garden at the Kilgore-Lewis House, 560 North Academy Street, is also open and will offer a plant sale and lunch options from food trucks in the upper parking lot.  Advance tickets are $18, tour-day tickets are $20.  For more information visit the Council’s website.

May 8 & 9:  The “Joyful Garden Tour,” benefiting renovation of the historic grounds of Christ Church, is scheduled for 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday.  This year’s event features six gardens in the McDaniel and Crescent Avenue area, plus the beautiful church gardens and grounds at 10 North Church Street.  Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 on tour days.  For more information visit the church’s website.