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Something to Crow About!

Hallelujah!  There’s finally a new bloom in the garden.

Seemannia x hybrida

Seemannia x hybrida

This hardy gloxinia was added a couple of months ago.  Purchased at the Raleigh Farmers Market from my favorite plant vendor, Urban Oasis, it settled in quickly and began to grow in just a few weeks.

I was surprised, however, to discover it in bloom, as my shady garden doesn’t lend itself to drama after the excitement of spring has passed.  This spot gets about 30 minutes of light in the early afternoon (around 2ish) and, luckily, the plant has received a good bit of moisture from afternoon thunderstorms, as the sloping site is especially well drained.

I know nothing about this particular hybrid, it’s not in my most reliable reference book, and I can’t find a thing about it on the internet.  Who cares?!  It’s a pretty little bloom in an eye-catching red, with an orange-yellow throat dotted with dark spots.  The foliage is rather nice too, don’t you think?

Going Out of My Way

When I have a driving trip ahead of me, I’m usually in a hurry.  My plan is to leave early, stop as little as possible, and get the trip behind me.  There’s only one exception.  If I’m going to Virginia and have the flexibility to add an hour to my trip, I detour from my usual route north on I-85, swing through Raleigh, and then continue east to take I-95 to my destination.

Plant shed at the Raleigh Farmers Market.

Plant shed at the Raleigh Farmers Market.

Why?  Because the best Farmers Market on the Eastern Seaboard is in Raleigh at 1201 Agriculture Street, and one of my favorite plant vendors, Urban Oasis, always makes me glad I went out of my way.

In addition to the volume buyer’s areas, the market offers more than 15,000 square feet of enclosed shops (wine, cheese, soap, etc.), 2 acres of market imports (trellises, fountains, etc.), three restaurants, and, most importantly, more than 30,000 square feet of open sheds for produce and plants.

Heaven on earth...inside the plant shed at the Raleigh Farmers Market.

Heaven on earth…inside the plant shed at the Raleigh Farmers Market.

Last Friday, I was barely able to squeeze in a visit, so I made a beeline to the plant shed.  It took just a few minutes to locate Urban Oasis and proprietor Bill DeMent, who makes the search easy by hanging a stuffed parrot above his booth.

"Plant a piece of paradise" is Bill's motto...note parrot tail feathers!

“Plant a piece of paradise” is Bill’s motto…note parrot tail feathers!

Shopping with Bill is quick and fun, especially for me, as I only take a glance at the sun-loving plants before scouring the shade area for anything I don’t already have.  Here’s my latest haul…

Shade plants from Urban Oasis, Raleigh Farmers Market.

Shade plants from Urban Oasis, Raleigh Farmers Market.

Front row (L to R):  Seemannia x hybrida (Hardy Gloxinia), Ledebouria copperi (Jessop), Asarum ‘Ling Ling’

Middle row (L to R):  Speirantha convallarioides (evergreen Lily of the Valley), Ardisia ‘Hakaukan’ (Marlberry), Disporopsis jinfushaneasis (dwarf evergreen Solomon’s Seal)

Back row (L to R):  Lepisorus bicolor (Ribbon Fern), Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort), and Disporum cantoniese (Fariy Bells)

The plants are always high quailty and the price is good too.  Only $88 for this collection!