A New Sprout

Welcome to the world little David. Mimi plans to nurture you with lots of laughter and love, and a smidgen of gardening. Carol Sandburg said, “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” He might be right. Today you have filled me with wonder, and hope, and happiness.

David on his birthday, April 18.

David on his birthday, April 18.

P.S. I adore your dimple.

27 thoughts on “A New Sprout

  1. karen matuszak

    This poem’s for you…..

    Each time I go to Grandma’s place
    To spend some summer hours,
    She lets me pick a big bouquet
    Of pretty garden flowers.

    I’ve learned the names of almost all
    The flowers Grandma grows:
    Carnation, iris, pansy, phlox
    Petunia and rose.

    The sweet pea is my favorite.
    It has a lovely smell.
    The flower Grandma likes the best
    Is Canterbury Bell.

    I think my Grandma’s wonderful
    And hope that when I’m grown,
    I’ll have a “green thumb” just like hers
    And flowers of my own.
    by P.S. Walker

    Congrats, Mimi. He’s precious!

  2. cathy wynne

    Marian, congratulations on your precious grandson. Our family was also blessed with a beautiful granddaughter, Lauren Patricia, on Wednesday, April 17th in Cincinnati,Oh.
    Cathy Wynne

  3. Julie Smith

    Well, I declare. He’s adorable. He’s a lucky boy and doesn’t yet know how much fun he’ll have learning about the great outdoors with his grandma. Congrats!

  4. Sandra Hamann

    Congratulations Grandma! What a sweet little boy. His big sister will help you get him trained in the fire art of garden work! Enjoy both of your precious sprouts!


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